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    Make the switch.

    One manufacturing client discusses why his company made the change from McAfee to Symantec.



    Pinpoint risk before a breach occurs.

    Do you know where potential threats lurk? Visualize your data in real time. Get a free, 30-day trial of SOLVE.

  • Safe-Secure


    Being secure and compliant
    shouldn’t cripple your business.

    Conventus balances your risk tolerance and your threat environment to deliver security solutions that do exactly what you need–without stifling your business.

  • Waste-New

    No Waste

    Expensive enterprise security software
    is a terrible thing to waste.

    Feel like you’re paying too much for security software you’re not fully using, putting money down the drain? Conventus won’t let that happen. In fact, we’ve moved customers from as little as 25% utilization of their security software to nearly 100% utilization.

  • Future-new


    The future is now.

    Today’s advanced persistent attacks are tomorrow’s run-of-the-mill targeted attacks. Don’t think they won’t be used against your business. Conventus stops targeted attacks and prevents their reoccurence.

Risk, Compliance and Security Solutions

Server Security

Minimize or completely mitigate the risks to your specific business operations by applying the appropriate controls – —software, procedural and operational.

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Data Loss Prevention

Work with Symantec’’s elite Master Specialist and go-to partner for Data Loss Prevention consulting, installation and implementation, and ongoing support.

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Assess the entire spectrum of your PCI, SOX and HIPAA compliance requirements, both business and technical, through a holistic approach to risk management and compliance.

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Endpoint and Mobile Protection

Use the best security tools and technologies in the industry to secure your endpoints just like hundreds of organizations have done to secure millions of endpoints.

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Protecting From Advanced Persistent Threats

One of the most common targets in an advanced attack is the Windows Active Directory infrastructure. Learn more about the security challenges and recommended approached to protecting your domain controllers from Advanced Persistent Threats.
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